Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a relatively new class of nanotechnology materials suitable to a broad range of industrial processes.
As we continuously identify new uses and applications for Metal Organic Frameworks, testing and verification become increasingly important.
The structure and properties of two new UiO-67-type metal–organic frameworks, along with their linker synthesis and powder and single crystal synthesis, are presented.
Porous crystals are strategic materials with industrial applications within petrochemistry, catalysis, gas storage, and selective separation. Their unique properties are […]
This systematic study has demonstrated the dramatic yet logical impact that the synthesis conditions can have on the properties of […]
We report the structure of the Zr metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) UiO-66 and UiO-67 to very fine detail using synchrotron single-crystal […]
The synthesis of Zr-MOFs under green, industrially feasible conditions was investigated. Two new compounds with bcu-topology and the fluorinated analogue of […]
One of the largest allocations ever made by the council’s FORNY programme With over 30 applicants applying for the FORNY2020 […]
The integration of MOFs into industrial relevant processes marks the shift towards green chemistry Over the past 15 years, Metal-Organic […]
The latest and greatest within the field of MOFs ProfMOF was invited to the EuroMOF2015 conference in Berlin to present and […]