The latest and greatest within the field of MOFs

ProfMOF was invited to the EuroMOF2015 conference in Berlin to present and discuss the most recent progress in porous polymers and Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). The conference is hosted and organized by DECHEMA, The Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in Germany, and brings both academia and the industry together to discuss functional materials and markets.

Tremendous progress

The EuroMOF2015 is the first European conference on MOFs and porous polymers and experts from all over the world are present to discuss the tremendous progress in the development of such materials. The focus has shifted from a more academic point of view to industrial interest and EuroMOF2015 brings both scientists and the industry together.

The past, present and future of MOFs

Topics range from design and synthesis of porous materials to in-depth investigations of the formation of MOFs and potential applications for the material. Several topics will focus on the new MOF-material developed by scientists at the University of Oslo, UiO-66. Karl Petter Lillerud, professor and co-founder of ProfMOF, is part of the committee and will present his work within the field.

“By bringing experts from academia and people from the industry together to discuss the development of these materials and its potential, you are able to fast-forward the process of commercialization of MOFs,” Lillerud explained.

“There has never been a better time for highlighting the huge potential of porous materials like MOFs,” Lillerud added.

Testing is Critical

Moving forward, the testing of these materials is a critical importance before we can see the utilization of the products in industrial processes. At the EuroMOF2015 this subject will be an ongoing one. New techniques to fabricate MOFs are still under development but one thing is for sure, the material will continue to be improved and some day it will change how the world conducts its industrial processes such as separation of gases, absorption and methods of catalytic reactions.