ProfMOF partners with EnergyX

ProfMOF and Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. (EnergyX) are proud to announce the beginning of a dynamic new partnership. Both companies are looking to promote the use of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), a relatively new class of nanotechnology materials suitable in the development of projects involving renewable energy and large-scale lithium-ion production and battery storage.

The goal with the partnership is to promote the use of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) by improving lithium extraction technology.  

Based in the U.S., EnergyX is a technology company focused on scientific innovations in the field of lithium extraction and solid-state battery energy storage systems. EnergyX has a mission to become a worldwide leader in the global transition to sustainable energy. The company has identified lithium as a key component to fulfill that goal, and seeks to improve both the extraction and production process along with its production partners.

– Metal Organic Frameworks are a miracle material that will play a tremendous role in the energy transition, says the CEO of EnergyX, Teague Egan.

– MOFs have properties that we have never seen before, and EnergyX is partnering with the MOF world leaders to harness these powers. By creating more lithium and energy storage, thus reducing the intermittency of renewable power, we can have a great impact, Egan adds.

The partnership between ProfMOF and EnergyX will bridge academia with technology, innovation, and energy in a way that highlights the versatility of MOF technology and its potential as a world-changer.

– As a leader in the chemical industry, ProfMOF has always sought to create lasting partnerships with companies we believe can use MOF technology to be difference-makers. Metal Organic Frameworks could truly help revolutionize how industries operate, and we are glad to know that EnergyX shares our vision, says Einar Eilertsen, the CEO of ProfMOF.

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